Application for a German Passport (ePass)

Reisepass Enlarge image (© dpa/ picture-alliance)

This webpage only contains the most important information about German passports and are meant for the very few German citizens who do not speak German. Please check the German version of our website for complete information about German passports.

You can find all the relevant information regarding the application for a German passport here:

Applying for a German Passport [pdf, 90.39k]

Passport Application Form for Adults [pdf, 133.03k]

Passport Application Form for Minors under 18 [pdf, 158.46k]

Biometric Passport Photos [pdf, 233.36k]

Please find information on how to change the address in your German passport as well as the application form under the following link:
Application for Change of Address [pdf, 120.36k]