Bilateral Economic Relations

Germany is Hong Kong’s most important trade partner within the EU. In 2016, it was Hong Kong's eleventh largest trade partner behind Mainland China, the USA, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, whereas Hong Kong ranked place 40 among Germany's trade partners in 2016.

According to the figures published by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department , Germany's total trade volume with Hong Kong amounted to HK Dollar 117.5 billion (ca. Euro 13.68 billion) in 2016. The value of total imports from Germany in 2016 decreased by 4.3% to HK Dollar 50.9 billion (Euro 5.9 billion) compared to 2015. The value of Hong Kong exports to Germany decreased by 5.1% to HK Dollar 66.7 billion (Euro 7.7 billion).

Hong Kong imports from Germany mainly electrical machinery, apparatus & appliances and electrical parts thereof, road vehicles, general machinery as well as specialised machinery for particular industries, telecommunications and sound recording and reproducing apparatus and equipment, professional, scientific and controlling instruments & apparatus, plastics in primary forms, dyeing, tanning and colouring materials. Hong Kong's domestic export to Germany consists mainly of articles of apparel and clothing accessories, office machines and automatic data processing machines, electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances and electrical parts thereof.

More than 500 German business companies are located in Hong Kong, mainly engaged in trade, transport and logistics, consulting and financial services. Hong Kong is very often used as a base for doing business with Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and other countries in the area. The German business community receives institutional support from the German Industry and Commerce Ltd., a delegate of the Germany Trade & Invest GmbH, several trade fair corporations and the Consulate General.

Business Cooperation

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