Not everything is negotiable, but sometimes you have to negotiate. The dignity of man is
inviolable. And everybody can do something.
OTON: Joachim Gauck - German President
„Everywhere there have been and are innumerable brave people, who stand up for basic
freedoms and human rights."
„My name is Irmela Mensah-Schramm, and for 27 years I've been removing hate slogans
from public spaces."
Let people die. Live and let live.
Article 1 - all people are equal.
The individual is inviolable and their human dignity must not be violated.
It's child's play.
OTON: Patrice – Musician
"A child doesn't question human rights. And it should come naturally to us too. The mere
fact that we have to fight for those rights.... "
OTON: Eva Padberg – UNICEF Ambassador
"You can start off really small, but you get a lot in return. Above all when you see that it's
effective, that people are open to it, and that there are people who think it's great."
OTON: Wolfgang Niedecken – Bandleader BAP
„In our everyday lives, we have to make sure we love our neighbours.“
The dignity of man is inviolable. Human rights are everybody's business